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Access Control

Feel secure​ with cutting edge technology that allows you to securely maintain the security of your business property ​and information.  Grant access to areas of your business based off clearance. Secure Sensitive information. Know what time your employees come to work. You can also track where your employees are in the building. The options are endless. You decide how secure you want your business to be, and we can make it happen. Contact us for an  access control quote.  


Who Uses Access Control? 


Health Care, Airports, Manufactures, Multi-Housing, Short term and Vacation Rentals, Education, Corporations, Small and Mid-sized Business, Worship Centers. Access Control can be used in any business!

Partnered with dormakaba 

"Connecting our customers to a top brand in access control with proven success!  Secure your Business with todays leading edge technology."


5 Benefits of Access Control for your Business


1. No More Lost Keys 


When you use commercial security systems, your business can immediately remove the employee’s access to your business through the system and issue a new card to a new employee in the future. With this added benefit, you don’t have to worry about the safety or security of your business.

2. Know Who’s Coming and Going

You can use business security systems to keep track of who’s entering and leaving the premises. You’re able to automatically track who enters and leaves and the times they arrive and leave. This eliminates the need to hire someone who checks in guests.

3. Secure Sensitive Information

Commercial security systems can prevent this sensitive information from leaving the business. It can also help secure information based off clearance-level in a business.

4. Reduce Theft and Accidents

 Your business may want to restrict access to your inventory or supply room so you can keep track of your expensive supplies. Or, you may want to limit access to areas that have hazardous chemicals and materials so you can reduce the chances of an untrained employee becoming exposed or injured. 

5. Restriction to Certain Areas 

You can use access control cards to restrict access to certain areas of your business. This prevents your employees from accessing the private areas

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